How do car vloggers get supercars?

So, exactly how do car vloggers get supercars? This is probably the question that I get asked most often. Each week myself and lots of other vloggers are seen across YouTube filming in some of the world's most desirable vehicles but, realistically, how do we do it?

The reality is that there's a whole host of ways and it really depends on what type of vlogger you are and which type of content you want to create. There's no one way which answers how do car vloggers get supercars but here are the most popular ways:

  • Ownership - a large proportion of lifestyle vloggers own their vehicles, either funded through finance using their YouTube revenue or by a long-term lease from the manufacturer
  • Manufacturers - whenever a manufacturer brand wants their new model to be reviewed, they'll lend it to the vloggers to create content in
  • Networks / Dealerships - if manufacturers won't lend you a car, chances are your best bet is approach a dealership
  • Friends / Enthusiasts - if you know somebody with a supercar and you can arrange for the insurance then this is often a popular way

These are the most common ways of gaining access to a supercar or an exotic vehicle. A more in-depth explanation can be found in the video above which answers exactly "how do car vloggers get supercars?".

I'm interested to hear who are the best car vloggers? If you follow them because of the exotic cars and supercars that they get to drive then let me know in the comments below.

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Watch the full video

You can watch the full video on exactly how do car vloggers get supercars here.

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