How many superchargers does Tesla have?

The approximate number in the UK is 36 but with this set to double by the end of 2017. There are also a number of charging locations across the UK recognised by Tesla but without the supercharging capability. More information on the expansion locations can be found below.

Tesla is perhaps one of the most innovating and fast-growing car manufacturers on planet Earth. As they prepare for their first mass-market vehicle (the Model 3) they've recognised that selling an affordable electric car isn't just about the car, it's about the infrastructure too. In 2017, Tesla will double their charging network in two ways:

  1.  Expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge - this is something that isn't yet a problem but owners are starting to feel concerned about, and:
  2.  Broadening the charging locations within city centres

Overnight charing at home is Tesla's preferred method of charging, especially given its move into home energy and electricity storage, however, Tesla recognise that long-distance travel isn't always possible without their network. So far, Tesla have built over 5,400 Superchargers but also see that charging in destinations such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants with Tesla Wall Connectors is crucial to their ever-growing expansion.

How many Tesla charging stations
Tesla supercharging expansion

Their strategy focusses on two areas of growth; increasing capacity at their current sites - arguably showing that the locations that they've chosen previously are correct, given the amount of data they have access to - and secondly, cities. Tesla see urban charging as the next big move for their network and one which makes for an interesting watch in terms of who they collaborate with.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla in these new locations and how the Tesla superchargers work in these locations is still to be confirmed. This will sit amongst some of the most popular questions with Tesla owners having answered their last concern - "Will Tesla Superchargers always be free?". Well, given that new owners of Tesla's now have to pay for supercharging above a set (and quite small) limit, it seems that those who bought the Model S early will be reaping the benefits of free travel for quite some time.

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