4.0 litre turbo-charged v8

15 year warranty

3.0 seconds  0-62 mph

Buying a Ferrari 488 spider might not be the most rational decision you'll ever make. However, there are a number of little known factors which make using a 488 spider a good daily driver and help to reassure you that the fun isn't going to stop.

Can you live with a Ferrari 488 as an everyday daily driver?

By this point you've already read about the specifications of the Ferrari 488 spider, the headline power, noise of the engine and taken a quick look at pricing. Now you're looking to spec to your tastes and reassure yourself that this is a good move.

I'd start by saying that Ferrari are REALLY keen to hold a relationship with you, the owner. Over the years, they've realised that digital marketing means rather than trying to guess who will buy a car from them next, they'd be much more effective trying to sell current owners another car. So with that in mind, there are a number of schemes which are offered:

  • Free roadside assistance to all Ferrari owners (whether new, used, bought from Ferrari or not)
  • A seven-year maintenance guarantee. Meaning you only really need to replace the tyres, top up the window wiper fluid and wash the car
  • A 15-year warranty; very similar to an off-the-shelf warranty from any given manufacturer only for a long period

So you've reassured yourself that wear-and-tear on the car isn't such an issue. Fuel-wise, we saw between 10-20 mpg and Ferrari are super proud to tell you that the four-litre turbo-charged V8 won engine of the year.

Optional extra-wise, I'd recommend the electronic front splitter which can be raised at the click of a button. It means parting with a bit of extra cash but works out cheaper than taking a carbon-fibre laced splitter into Ferrari for repair or replacement after bruising it on the UK's countless speed bumps.

In addition to that, it's really a case of your taste and budget. I'd start with the seats as those are the items that will give you most personal satisfaction (rather than aesthetic exterior upgrades), closely followed by the passenger display which shows your counterpart what speed and revs you're driving at...definitely enhances the experience.

Equipment in the Ferrari 488 spider

Standard Equipment

  • 4.0 V8 engine
  • Turbo-charged
  • Seven-speed F1 dual-clutch
  • F1 electric differential
  • Seven-year maintenance guarantee
  • 15-year warranty
  • Standard seats

Optional Extras

  • Carbon...lots of it!
  • Apple Car Play
  • Electric raising front splitter (recommended)
  • Goldrake racing seats
  • Electric seats
  • Stitch detailing (prancing horse on head rest etc.)
  • Passenger display (super fun feature)

Want your own?

We were kindly lent the Ferrari 488 spider in yellow by Ferrari North Europe.

Behind the scenes


Day one involved a predictably early start (with very little sleep the night prior due to excitement) to collect the 488 spider from Ferrari's UK Head Office, just West of London.

After heading to a secret location to collect Joe Sugg, the two of us took the helm and drove over to Joe's grandad who was in for a treat; his own Grandson taking him for a spin in a brand new Ferrari 488 spider.

We headed back that evening and once Joe had safely piloted our very own supercar back to London, we started the planning on capturing as much exterior footage as possible.

The next few days consisted of filming stunning drone footage using the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced as well as surprising my Dad with a ride in his favourite car.

It's unusual for me not to be able to find words (I talk A LOT), in this case though I find an exception. The Ferrari 488 spider is not a car you will regret buying, using as your everyday daily driver (although buy the raising front splitter) and stems from something much more primitive and emotive than one can write into a review.

It's simply this. If you're in the position to be considering buying one and would want to use it daily, do it. Fortune favours the bold, be bold.

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