Mercedes GLA review UK

Under £35k

keyless entry

smooth ride

If you thought the GLA was a pumped up A Class, you'd be judging a book by its cover. Instead, Mercedes have created a benchmark for the crossover market and, although not perfect, a vehicle that shows what manufacturers can achieve with clear focus.


Ride and Comfort

In honesty, I took the GLA out for a drive on road conditions that turned out to be a pied-à-terre for the Mercedes hatchback-come-SUV. Winding country roads intersected by quaint villages and farm tracks, enough to test out all of the comfort, sport, eco and off-road modes in the GLA but within the constraints of common-sense driving.

Admittedly, I did drive onto a mound of Britain's finest, spring-sodden, muddy terrain at the side of a lane to test off-road mode correctly but realistically I always knew that a stretch of tarmac was no more than 30 centimetres to the right of me. The thing is, if you're looking for a Mercedes GLA review UK then all of this is fine until we talk value-for-money.

Value for money

The build-quality in the GLA is what sets it apart from anything else in its category. There's not one thing in the car that feels cheap or plasticky, essentially nothing that you'd expect to find in a kids toy.

There's not one thing...that you'd expect to find in a kids toy

When given the 4matic all-wheel drive system and the AMG Line pack it works out to be around £32k which is amazing value compared to its nearest competitors. I would go as far as saying that the Porsche Macan has a slightly more luxurious feel but the jump in price reflects this.


The Mercedes GLA has an abundance of technology and - most importantly - it all works.

The resolution on the screen makes the information you're reading very easy to interpret and this continues to deliver when using the 180 degree rear-parking camera. Knowing that I was going to write a review titled Mercedes GLA review UK, I thought parking would be a good test. The GLA is the first car that I've driven that has an added parking bar inside the car; essentially a strip of led lights that indicate when you're getting closer to an object, visible from your interior mirror.

The Technology also allows for you to change, adapt and modify pretty much every element of the car's characteristics. From setting the engine to Eco-mode, whilst keeping the sports suspension and steering setup, through to changing the ride height and interior light colour, everything within the GLA is customisable and (although possibly a one-time-only use case) helps to make you feel more at home in the car, especially if you're wondering is the Mercedes GLA is a good family car.

Want more?

There's a full Mercedes GLA review UK video over on my YouTube page.