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A selection to get you started

If you're unsure where to begin, here's a selection of three videos that I think you'll enjoy.

Wondering which of Porsche's new 718 range is is better? I put the Porsche Boxster up against the Porsche Cayman.

The time we took a Tesla P90D from London to Edinburgh to see if it had a better battery than the iPhone 7.

Is the new Porsche 718 Cayman a good investment? I took it to a group of 16 year olds to find out!

The Ferrari 488 Collection

One of the highlights of 2017, learning whether you can live with a Ferrari 488 Spider.

Collecting the Ferrari 488 Spider and surprising Joe Sugg with it.

Surprising my Dad with a trip to his favourite pub, in a brand new Ferrari. Tissues out, it's emotional!

Is the Ferrari 488 a good daily car? Can you live with a Ferrari. I found out.

Electric or Hybrid?

Are we ready for full electric? How much range do you get out of an electric car? Are hybrids good value for money?

I compared the Volkswagen e-Golf to the Volkswagen Golf GTE to find out which is best.

VW e-Golf


E-Golf or Golf GTE?


Wondering which new supercars are coming out in 2018? Want to get an early glimpse of the year's luxury cars before they hit the streets?

Here are three very exciting cars launched and coming out very soon.

Aston Martin vantage

Bentley Continental GT

E-Golf or Golf GTE?

Best GT Cars 2018

Wondering what the best Grand Tourer is in 2018? It's a busy market with some great looking cars so here's a little slice of my favourites to help you to choose:

Mercedes GT Roadster

Lexus LC500

AMG GT Roadster or GT C Roadster

Ford February

In February, I went out with Carl, Olly and Kris to test Ford's performance line-up. You probably could have guessed that it would be a lot of fun but there are two things I would never have assumed:

  1. The Ford Focus RS and the Mustang GT V8 are SO different
  2. Kris would immediately fall in love with the Focus RS and put a deposit down as soon as we were back

Ford Focus RS

Ford Mustang GT V8

Focus RS or Mustang GT?

Thank you again to Sandicliffe FordStore in Leicester for making this feature possible.

The under £40k series

Wondering what's the best car to buy for under £40k these days? Here's a little something to help.

Ford Focus RS

Abarth 124 Spider

Focus RS

Time to read?

Take a look at more in-depth reviews on each car in the Garage section of this driving abode. See what each car's like to drive and enjoy some reading time.